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Image of product PROBOIL Descale Kit (Single Bottle)

PROBOIL Descale Kit (Single Bottle)

This PROBOIL descale kit contains one bottle of descaling solution which will provide you with one descale treatment and is suitable for use on both the Pronteau 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 systems.

The filter system provided with PROBOIL® will help to prevent the calcification (scaling) of the boiler. However it will be required from time to time that your PROBOIL® will need to be descaled, drained and refilled to ensure the maximum energy efficiency and service life from the product especially in hard water areas. The frequency of descaling will depend entirely on your water hardness, the suggested minimum descaling frequency is once annually. If you live on a hard water area then we recommend the use of two bottles at a time.


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