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PROBOIL.2 For 3 in 1 hot water taps

The PROBOIL.2 boiler is a compact and innovative 2 litre displacement boiler, allowing you to hold and call off steaming hot water at 98 degrees on demand.

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PROBOIL Descale Kit (Single Bottle)

This PROBOIL descale kit contains one bottle of descaling solution which will provide you with one descale treatment and is suitable for use on both the Pronteau 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 systems.



PROBOIL.2X Filters (x2) and Descale Pack

For convenience, why not order our Proboil.2X filter and descale pack which contains 2 x water filters and 2 x descale bottles. This pack is designed to give you a year’s supply of accessories for your boiler and tap to keep them in perfect working order. 



PROBOIL.2 Filter Cartridge

The PROBOIL® water optimisation filter cartridge is suitable for use with the PROBOIL.2X and PROBOIL.2 boilers.



PROBOIL Water Hardness Test Strip Kit

This PROBOIL test strip kit will test the hardness of your local water supply allowing you to set your water filter cartridge to the correct setting.



PROBOIL Descale Kit (Two Bottles)

This PROBOIL descale kit contains two bottles of descaling solution and is suitable for use on both the Pronteau 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 systems. 


Technical Documents Welcome to the PROBOIL.2 Technical Documents Section, where you will find user guides and instructions to help you with your PROBOIL.2

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How To Replace Your ProBoil.2 Filter

How To Descale Your ProBoil.2 Boiler

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Servicing and maintenance of this product must be carried out by persons having knowledge and practical experience of the appliance, in particular as far as safety and hygiene are concerned. The PROBOIL system contains no user serviceable parts and should only ever be serviced by the recommended service agent.

If your PROBOIL is not working satisfactorily, make the following checks before calling out the installer. Any one of these adjustments could restore the performance.

Proboil Issue: Action to take:
Light not on, water hot. Unit up to temperature, will light again as the unit temperature drops, this is normal.
Light not on, water cold. Check electrical supply is connected and switched on and the plug fuse is not blown.
Water not hot enough. Thermostat set too low. Turn clockwise slightly to increase set temperature. May need re-calibrating (see page 24).
No water flow when tap operated. Check water supply is on. Note: There can be a short delay dependent on how long the unit has been left unattended.
Tap ejects water when heating, constant boiling. Thermostat set too high. Turn anti-clockwise to reduce set temperature. Re-calibrate (see page 24).
Boiled water flow reduced. Allow time for drain valve to work. Check tubes not kinked. Boiler may need descaling.

If the previous checks fail to restore the performance, you should seek professional help. The person who installed the boiler is probably the best one to investigate and correct it and is certainly the person to contact if you have had a problem in the guarantee period. The following additional checklist is provided for the benefit of a qualified service person.


Proboil Issue: Action to take:
Unit not heating – light on all the time. Check circuit through element (50.4-58.7 Ohms) – replace.

Check continuity through run dry thermostat – replace.

Check thermal fuse – replace.
Unit not heating – no light on. Check fuse in plug.

Check circuit through thermostat – replace.
Reduced flow. Check hoses are not kinked or damaged. Replace/ re-route.

Check unit not excessively scaled up – De-scale (see relevant section).

Descale drain valve (E3) – remove and soak in descaling solution.

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