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PROBOIL.2 Filter Cartridge

The PROBOIL® water optimisation filter cartridge is suitable for use with the PROBOIL.2X and PROBOIL.2 boilers.

This genuine PROBOIL® replacement filter is WRAS approved and has been exclusively designed and developed for Proboil in the UK to ensure optimum protection of your PROBOIL system. 

The cartridge is comprised of two types of media; one to reduce taste and odour and one to treat hardness and scale. It is extremely important that you use an approved filter which treats scale (no matter the hardness of your water) as this is fundemental in protecting your boiler. If a filter does not have scale protection or the filter is expired and all internal media has been used up you're boiler will begin to develop excessive scale inside the unit which can cause damage if left untreated for an extended time. 

This filter will also remove impurities such as particulates and chlorine from your steaming hot water, ensuring a great tasting drink every time. 

This filter has a rated capacity of 1000L (rated at water hardness of 180ppm), meaning it will last 6-12 months dependant on water hardness and usage. If you are in a very hard water area, please contact our Pronteau customer support team for advice on how to best mantain your PROBOIL2 or PROBOIL.2X system. 

This product is part of our Recycle Scheme


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