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Image of product PROBOIL3. Filter and Descale Annual Pack

PROBOIL3. Filter and Descale Annual Pack

For convenience, why not order our PROBOIL3 filter and descale pack which contains 2 genuine, premium quality filters along with 4 bottles of descale solution. This pack is designed to give you a year’s supply of accessories for your boiler and tap.

We recommend that filters are replaced on average of every six months and the boiler is descaled once a year to keep them in perfect working order.  This is of course dependent on water quality in your area and adjustments may need to be made accordingly should you live in a hard water area.

The filter system provided with PROBOIL® will help to prevent the calcification (scaling) of the boiler. These PROBOIL® water filter cartridges are specially formulated for our PROBOIL3 system, to offer the best protection for your premium boiler, they contain a solid carbon block which offers supreme water filtration and scale control to best protect the life of your PROBOIL® boiler. The filter also reduces chlorine and odour impurities from the water and is the worlds first to effectively combine mineral reduction and corrosion protection through pH balancing.

It is also recommended that from time to time your PROBOIL® will need to be descaled, drained and refilled to ensure the maximum energy efficiency and service life from the product especially in hard water areas. The frequency of descaling will depend entirely on your water hardness, the suggested minimum descaling frequency is once annually. Please note: if you live on a hard water area, then we recommend the use of two bottles of descale solution at a time.


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